Saturday, August 08, 2009

'Sixties rock star's face appears on cork tile'

Today the news was released that Pretty Things lead singer Phil May's face appeared on a cork tile at a remote Devon farmhouse. The local farmer was shocked and stunned by the find on his bathroom floor.
'I've read in the papers about people finding Jesus's face on a piece of toast, and I can't believe it has now happened to me. But I don't think it will change my life - I'll be out there feeding the cows in the morning just like I always am'.
No-one is expected to make the long trip down to Devon to witness the find. Phil May is remembered by his generation as the popstar with the longest hair on TV in the mid 60s.


  1. You should be working for a Newspaper in August Tom ... they are desperate for such tales. You could call yourself "Phil Space".

  2. Was Phil May's face square and made from cork? If not, I may not be seeing it...

  3. I'm having trouble here, Tom. At first I thought I saw Mickey Dolenz out of the Monkees or Daphne out of Scooby Doo but they've both disappeared. Are you sure this wasn't a flashback?

  4. yes I can see it . . .you need to stand closer to the pan Tom.

  5. How much glue were you using? :)

    Don't forget to tell the large men with the big butterfly nets that "IT's A MIRACLE".