Friday, February 06, 2009

Forty words for snow, my arse!

I have one!


  1. I notice it's you standing around with the camera.

  2. Pffffttttt.

    You call that snow?

    We laugh at your petty snowfall.


    A Canadian

  3. Anonymous6/2/09 09:32

    my grandma's in hospital. She fell over, because of the snow, and broke her hip. She can't get home from the hospital because of the snow. We can't get to swindon to see her, because of the snow. She's been stuck in a&e for three days because of the snow.

    But, secretly, I still think snow is not shite. I secretly love it....

  4. I heard it in the news!

    I hope it's not too bad! It's nice to see how it snows while your at home and it's warm, but it's not so nice when you have to drive (last weekend it took me 6 hours to drive 80 Kmts=60 miles, I suppose).

    We're having what MJ calls petty snowfalls in Spain. It's the big sensation of this winter. You suddenly hear "Hey, it's snowing!" and everybody rushes to look out the windows.

    Enjoy it and I hope it melts soon.

  5. I'll swap - there's hardly any in Manchester and I like it.

  6. She looks like a winged angel in that photo, doesn't she?
    I suspect, however, that had there been a sound recording we would have heard "put that bollocky camera down and do some work, you idle twat".

  7. Enjoy it while it is there.... cuz you may not see it again for a decade or two.

    Snowmen.... snow angels.... snowball fights....

    Go have fun. I bet the horses are liking it a lot! ;-)

  8. And what in the name of buggery is she doing playing in the snow when the washing line is clearly visible in the background, and it is bereft of clothing. Do the laundry before you make your snowman, young lady. How you ever managed to find such a good husband with your strange sense of priorities is beyond comprehension.

  9. Ha! You may call it shite when it's you doin' the shovelling and not before! :)

  10. I'm with Tommy. Hating on the snow. I used to love it---now the romance is gone. Ugh. Ick.

  11. The snow is very nice when you're at home watching it fall and its warm, but not if you need to drive (6 hours to drive 80 KMts last sunday! the snowplows were missing!!!)

  12. What is this thing you refer to as "snow?"