Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Odds on Obama

He does something really dumb within two weeks.

Over the next three months it becomes apparent he is as crap as all the other politicians.

Within four years it becomes painfully obvious that despite all his good intentions, he is as unable to cut through the crap as anyone else has ever been.

His ratings drop dramatically in the first year as all the hyped up people realise he is full of shit too.

Sends US troops into action in another country within 12 months.

Gets out of Iraq within the next 14 months.

Sees sense and pulls out of Afghanistan.

Reins in the Israelis and actually makes some progress on improving Palestinian rights.

He actually is as good as he seems.


  1. 250-1 calls Hillary Clinton a "honky bitch" on live television.

  2. 3-1 shares breakfast with David Cameron, both in their dressing gowns in 2010.

  3. 1-1 is better than any neoconservative

  4. What are the odds that he will close down Guantanamo Bay within a year and admit it was a disastrous and tragic violation of human rights which the US should be deeply ashamed of?

    What are the odds that he will publicly state before 2010 that god (with a capital G) is on his side?

  5. I wouldn't bet on him calling Hilary Clinton a honky bitch on live Tv - but I would pay good money to see it!

  6. Anonymous21/1/09 15:50

    tsk, cynic :p

    Where's the hope and the romance eh?



    Fine, I'll go back to deluding myself on my own. tum te tum :)

  7. I beg to differ.
    He is the genuine article...
    where is your suspension of disbelief?

    Odds of him being worse than the previous asshat cowboy..

  8. He's a politician, which by virtue of that title means he's going to disappoint and lie.

    I think Comedy Central got it right here.

  9. Vicus - I'll have a tenner on that

    Geoff - Ugh, sort of silky paisley ones I bet!!!!

    Isarna - You are quite right there. I am hoping!!!

    Shell - I completely agree with your sentiments here. I heard some Americans getting all uptight because people around the world 'didn't respect' their country - what do they expect!!!!

    Fathorse - Now I feel guilty for not being 'full of hope'. It's just age Fat, it's got to me!

    Donn - I really hope, but I guess we Brits will never recover from Bliar rubbing our noses in it so soon after making us think he was the 'special' one.

    Pamela - I'd love to think it could be different - but I look back in history and that doesn't exactly fill me with hope.

  10. At least he's nice to look ........ definitely better eye candy than his predecessor!

  11. I need to say that I was not, even for one minute, made to think that Blair was special. Labour died finally when they kicked Michael Foot out for wearing the wrong coat.