Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Family Trees

'a dirty load of catholic shagging bastards'

Yes, that's how my dear wife described my family - she has a way with words! This was her measured and thoughtful response to my enthusiam for the release of the 1911 census.


  1. I dare not type what I am thinking...and yes it did involve the words Priest, Coke and Chocolate Bar.

    Measured and thoughtful response indeed! Christmas get-togethers must be brimming with the warm fuzzies.

    You look bloody marvelous for a chap having been born in '11...does this involve one of those Faustian deals with ole whatshisface?

  2. Either the good lady needs to be more precise, or you should learn the elements of punctuation.
    Are they Catholics who shag, or bastards who shag only Catholics? Will the census help to resolve this?

    It certainly won't help me, because I refuse to pay their prohibitive fees. I will wait until it is cheaper to find out who you were sponging off at the beginning of king George's reign.

  3. I'm a Prod who loves to shag Catholics.

    Is that the same thing?

  4. Only if they're dirty ones.

    Vicus, if you go to your local library I think you may be able to view the census for free, if they belong to the People's Network. Do they have libraries in North Hampshire?

  5. But what about your in laws?

  6. 1) I trust that your wife has put an end to the tradition of shagging that has so beset your family.
    2) Richard. You can look at the index for the census for free, but they charge on a per-view basis for the records. A pound a time at the cheapest. Bastards.
    3) Kaz. I will have nothing said of a negative nature about Tom's late mother-in-law. She was one of the few people who shared my assessment of him. Insight like that is not to be trifled with.

  7. Strangely enough, my dad used to think that my uncle's family were (was?) a dirty load of Catholic shagging bastards. I wonder if we are distantly related?

  8. Does that make you a former-catholic shagging bastard?

  9. Donn - don't hold back on my behalf - I like to think this blog can cope with most things.

    Vicus - I think my family include all of the permutations possible, although I personally have never shagged a catholic bastard, not to my knowledge anyway.

    MJ - I do think catholics make the best shag - I think it is connected to the guilt thing.

    Richard - is there any other kind of catholic?

    Kaz - My in laws, and of course I would never say this in front of my wife, are a dirty load of atheist shagging bastards.

    Vicus - sometimes it feels that way!

    Betty - I'm sure we are related. I'm told that if we go back far enough we're related to the fucking pope!

    Kindness - It sure does. It's not something you can just leave behind KK, as you well know.