Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Signing Out

No, don't panic! I'm not abandoning my blog, not just yet anyway.
Last night I watched the gorgeous Pamela Stevenson interview Gene Simmons. I actually like most of what I've seen of this guy, but I would say he is a bit of a challenge, and I think she did pretty well under the onslaught of his 'alpha male' behaviour.
So over 35 years or so this guy says he has shagged 4800 women - that's near enough three a week. Naturally enough, the gorgeous one wanted to find out how this has affected and formed his views about women. It was quite shocking really, or at least I found it so. He pretty much just sees woman as targets - in a way I guess maybe all of us men do too, but the difference is he goes for it. Pamela was great though - every advance he made she just dead panned him, and stood her ground.
Anyway, what has this got to do with 'signing out'? Nothing really, except it made me look at the way I have lived my life, and where I have got to now, and what I am doing, and what is up ahead, and so on and so on. So no different to a normal day for me really.
Could I just do my garden, ride my horse, and live quietly with my wife? If I do this would I lose my 'male pride' between now and when I die, and who gives a f*** if I do?
Do I need a project? Do I need to make some impact on this world? Do I need to prove I stand out from the bunch?
Not really do I - so can I sign out!


  1. simply doing that is making a positive impact on the world. all simmons did was get spoo all over stuff. you FARM. farming is more important.

  2. Gene Simmons fascinates me in a 'oooh look at that car wreck' kind of way. I've watched his show a few times. He's got a beautiful home, two good looking kids and tons of money. So?

    I think you're making a classier and better contribution to the world than he ever has.

  3. You've already written a book that had more effect on my life than the entire Kiss oevre and I'll wager I'm not the only one. A classic of any kind is a pretty solid mark to have left on the world and I don't think you really needed to step away from what you were doing already in order to create it.

  4. I couldn't agree more with glenatron, tho we may not be talking about the same book -horses scare me!:(

    You were a bit doomwriting in this post, dontcha think? -yea, I invented the word, sorry, but I'm absolutely sure that you know what I mean-.

  5. I agree.
    "I Blame the Beatles" - much funnier than Turgenev.

  6. Anonymous7/5/08 14:45

    I saw that programme too, have to admit to agreeing with most of what he said about men and women. On a basic level that is. But we don't live by our instincts alone, which is where he kind of goes wrong...

    I think the most important thing is to have purpose and happiness without becoming gene simmons. hmmm.

  7. 48oo Women..pffft..two words

    Poor Gene is a textbook 'Abandonment' case whose Father took off on him and he was raised by his noyce Jewish Mother and he has subsequently locked women into either the Madonna or Whore category...
    so far his Mommy and Daughter are the only two in the Madonna category.

    A virulent Zionist he will may yet pay for his anti Arab rhetoric but I have high hopes for his children...it is a 'show' so who knows if any of this is remotely real.

    Since surveys prove that most of us can count all of our sexploits on our hands and still have fingers left...we are naturally curious about how anyone could manage to get so much sex...
    unless you're a pro.

  8. Anonymous10/5/08 15:04

    Still got fingers left? Speak for yourself, punk ;P

    My friends call me Hef.

    I think this has more to do with my elaborate scarf-wearing techniques than anything else, however...

  9. Not only signing out, but also gone fishing, it seems.

  10. He was off helping some people with their horses, I heard. And in this case the opinion is reasonably well informed.

  11. FN - I saw him on TV teaching some kids in a couple of english schools - he did get to the kids in a really good way. I think he wanted to be a teacher before he became famous, and then he obviously just went for what was in front of him.

    Pamela - You are so right Pammy, about the riches and so on. I always look at people who think that kind of stuff has anything to do with anything and feel like they are in some sad delusion - still if it makes them happy.

    Glenatron - Thank you for your kind comments about my book. I didn't really mean this post to come across as some kind 'oh my, I haven't acheived anything' kind of thing. But it is a fact that I do sometimes think I should have or could do more.

    Leni - yes it's true - but sometimes I feel those kind of 'what exactly have I done here' kind of feelings. They pass!

    Vicus - yes, it's funny that my best book never even made a ripple. Sod them if they'd rather read Turgenev I guess it's their choice.

    Fat Horse - Sometimes I imagine what my life would have been like if I had just gone for it in a Gene Simmons kind of way. Obviously I would have the slight disadvantage of not being a famous rock star which would severely limit what was on offer in that department.

    Donn - Bugger it - I'm average in this too - this is getting really depressing.

    Fat horse - and you're only nineteen right, and I went through the 'summer of love' and still I'm only average.

    Leni - I am here and I have been very busy. But I promise to fish less in the future. It's just so nice sitting by the river bank watching that float bob up and down.

    Glenatron - It was a great horse clinic and no messin', you rode really well.

  12. What a brave man you are. Why don't we meet up and you can run your comments by me again, person to person (reg_pither@hotmail.com).
    Hmmm. I thought not. Wanker.

  13. My Word!
    This saucy little charade has become very tedious.
    At first I thought that the exchanges over at whatshisface's blog was a lark..
    I was hoping that it was...hmm.

    I Second Leni.
    Life is far too short for this malarky.

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