Thursday, February 14, 2008

Unspontaneous Combustion

When I click that 'new post' button, and I have absolutely no idea what I am going to write... Boy I don't like that feeling. Relying on spontaneous creativity - not something I'm known for in this life. But hey, I'll give it a go, and for once I won't allow this blog to deviate into the unsavoury areas of life where my mind so often leads me. I will attempt to steer it manfully towards a few of the wholesome subjects that I am familiar with. If the post is a disaster, well, never mind, at least it buries the psychotherapy one which really didn't get the response I was hoping for.

I know everyone prefers light hearted satirical banter, but sometimes it's just not in me. And if I only write when I feel like that I probably wouldn't have written a word since John shagged Edwina (thank you Vicus for reminding me of the golden era).

I don't want to write about those famous twats. The media kind of gives us the impression that they are all that is going on, and we are not happening. In reality, we are happening, and they are too, but not in the way they think. They are happening in the same way we are - living their lives, the same as us. I once met a famous person (well, actually I have met several). I love it when I do because I always pretend I don't know they are 'special', and they kind of have that look in their eye, 'Don't you know who I am?'.

That's the point you tosser, I know exactly who you are - you're just a bloke, the same as me!


  1. Get away. You'll be telling us that Vicus is just like the rest of us next.

  2. No, vicus is infamous. There's a difference.

    nice to see you posting tommy dear.

  3. I am NOT a "bloke"! There are no "blokes" in North America! (well, on second thought, there's British Columbia, but, well, it's not really "British" anymore,now is it?)

    Nope, I am a DUDE and you shall properly refer to me that way in the future, my good man!

    (I mean, that IS if you really want to refer to me anyway, period, like, you probably have better things to do, what with a this blogging and stuff, but that's ok, it's not like I'm really worth refering to as a commenter, but, well, you.........oh, nevermind.....)

  4. Anonymous18/2/08 09:37

    The other day I realised that Johnny Depp goes to the loo. He poos and everything. I'm not sure what I think of this. Do gods go to the toilet?

    This reminds me of one of Carl Jung's dreams where God did a shit. That Jung was a funny one.

  5. Well, I only seem able to write in light hearted satirical banter mode, or about those famous. Please forgive me - nothing much happens in Real Life and I'm not much of a writer.

    *goes away to shoot self*

  6. "those famous twats".

    ... with a line between the paragraphs.

    Blogger is playing up. Bollocks.

  7. Most of the 'beautiful' people, actors and models, realise that they are famous simply because of genetics.

    Most of the uber rich realise that they made it because they screwed or suckered millions of others.

    Most of the athletes realise that they were gifted genetically or pharmaceutically.

    Most politicians realise that we know that they are monstrously egomaniacal twats that prey on the uninformed with modern psychological warfare in order to facilitate to support their christ complex.

    Why we choose to worship these types of characters, who are all monstrously overpaid, is beyond me, especially now that we are far better informed about the reality of their situation.

  8. Dave - Vicus is the exception that proves the rule.

    Pammy - correct, Vicus is infamous! Infamous is fame for a genuine reason (definition made up on spur of moment without thought), like say, Chantelle, the girl who was infamous for being famous for no reason.

    The Michael - pleased to meet you Dude. I agree, it sounds so much more cool than 'bloke'.

    Fathorse - Yes, they all shit!, and all the other stuff that humans do too. Carl Jung - who's he?

    Betty - You are the one person I am generally in awe of, (and bloody Vicus), for managing to keep the tone of your blog fairly consistent - are you on some kind of mind stabilising drugs?

    HE - what happened to the tennis player? I agree with you totally - Why T F do we put up with these arseholes, why do we give them the time of day? I'm through with it.

  9. Anonymous20/2/08 10:31

    Carl Jung, as in famous psychologist, as in Freud's mate before their acrimonious split. Wiki him...

    He was a weirdo.

  10. Anonymous20/2/08 10:33

    Also, 'bloke' is far superior to 'dude', which reminds me of Point Break (which, admittedly, is not a terrible thing)(Isn't it funny how in Dangerous liaisons Keanu Reeves still sounds like a stoner)(Bill and Ted will never die, evidently).

  11. Hey fathorse! Why wasn't I notified that we would be discussing Point Break?
    Which wax will you put on your board Johnny Utah..
    the Blue Wax or the Red Wax?
    Blue Wax, Red Wax?

    Better ask the 'frood dude'!

  12. I work with famous twats. I just pretend i don't know who they are.

  13. Anonymous21/2/08 14:47

    HE - why not mix them together and have purple wax? Purple's an awesome colour. Best of both worlds, literally...

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