Friday, May 26, 2006

She is a top-spec Bitch

Yes it's that time again, thirteen glorious weeks of Big Brother. The early money is on Pete, the guy with Touretts. He just looks a million miles ahead of the rest of them, but you know, experience tells us things can change very quickly in the BB house.

Imogen, described by George as 'top-spec bitch' let herself down a bit by pairing up just that little too quickly, but it's beginning to look like she's pulling back a tad from that one. She is a beauty, and it's kind of strange that she puts herself about so much. In my 'sensible middle-aged man' mode I started going on about how, if she's not careful she'll just dissappear into a life of endless shagging around. That got me to thinking about the way things are today - you know, to find out if you like a guy you just go with them for a few days and see. It's kind off sensible really isn't it. Better find out then rather than the day you get married and you've never even spent the night together.

There are one or two others in the house who I like. The middle aged lady with the absolutely huge false boobs is actually quite a nice lady, although she is a little on the fragile side and is beginning to look slightly strange chasing the young boys. I quite like the posh but not that posh sloany bird whose mother gave her a £360,000 flat in London. She's paired up with MCP Mikey - he's actually quite a nice guy too except for his weird views on woman - she's now backing out of that one too!

Anyway, it's looking tough for Bonneh - she'll be out tonight - god knows what her highlights are going to be.


  1. gosh tom, didn't think you'd know so much about dateing guys!

  2. I think I need to fetch my teenager to help me understand this properly. I've avoided BB altogether but there's no escape from it even in blogland.

  3. Ruth - I am almost naive about all that stuff, as you have probably realised.

    Cherry - I'm disappointed that you are not a BB fan. Your take on life and incisive views would add greatly to the experience. Please bear with me for the next few weeks - I will be back.

  4. Thank god we haven't got Big Brother here yet. New Zealand is so small we all know each other intimately anyway.

  5. Thanks for filling me in on BB - like Cherry (swoon, swoon), I too treat as I would plague. But now I can pretend to be 'with it' and express an opinion when the kids are jabbering on about it at work. Not that they're interested in my opinion.

    How come it takes 13 weeks to work out that anyone who would volunteer for such an exercise is a twat?

  6. So glad I don't watch TV. This stuff is bad for your brain Tom! :-)

  7. Aliens receiving these transmissions in several light years time will, I'm sure dismiss it as a record of a disastrous experiment in creating some form of semi-intelligent life form.

  8. Is the fool or the fool that watches the fool, the greater fool?

  9. Oh no! Altzheimer's Alert! Your brain will turn to mush. Don't do it! You're too good for this!

  10. You're not worth stalking if you watch that drivel.

    Or are you.... Hmmm..

  11. Anonymous29/5/06 11:41

    I don't understand why people so avoid BB. Nothing is more fascinating than our fellow travellers. In the 'old days' (not quite sure when they were), villagers were a healthily nosey bunch and everyone knew everyone's business and we had ample opportunity to mull over comparative conditions. Now we select our 'communities' and lead such closed lives - BB is a surrogate village!

  12. Martha - the good news is you can get BB on the Channel 4 website.

    Krusty - I'll keep you posted.

    Kyah - Bad for your brain - you could be right. Check out Sharon's blog for comfirmation of this.

    Richard - These are normal people, no different to you and me.

    Ruth - As I am coming to expect from you, this is indeed a question that requires much thought. I am wondering if perhaps the fool that asks if the fool or the fool that watches the fool, is the greater fool, is perhaps the greater fool?

    Sharon - Don't over-estimate me.

    Pamela - If you are put off merely by my taste in TV veiwing then I have to seriously question if you are the one for me.

  13. CherryR, Do you watch BB? I was beginning to wonder if I was on my own on this one.

  14. Anonymous30/5/06 05:17

    I am watching it on and off this year, often catching the morning re-run, while I have my open-your-eyes cuppa. I am resisting it this year, not because I think its crass, or tantamount to suicide, or voyeuristic, but as part of a general watch-less-TV campaign. Having said that I am still interested. It is the universality that intrigues me, that pushes its way through in the most disparate groups. Although critics are saying this year 'why don't they pick anyone normal', they are all normal. Whether straight or gay, tranny nudist, young or not as young (bring back Derek!) Tory or apolitical, they all have vulnerabilities. I don't know. I could sit here and write a sociological, anthropoligical, exisrtential thesis on it. At the end of the day, I find people fascinating but scary. I get too involved in real life, to my own detriment. With BB I can be safe and still throw a bit of myself into it.
    And I loved Chris Moyles on X Factor too!

  15. Anonymous30/5/06 05:24

    Please excuse previous spelling glitches.
    Plus, a bit like Sharon's good stuff on not dissing others taste in literature, I am amazed and saddened that everyone is quite so judgemental about BB. All fools, participants and watchers?? I know I am not a fool - at least not simply for watching a certain TV prog. And only those who have never watched it could dismiss the many people who have chosen, for as many different reasons as there have been participants, to enter the house. Right tht is it. No more!!

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