Monday, May 22, 2006

Don't tell my friends I've got a blog

Six months in blogworld and I'm still not convinced that this is a particularly cool thing to be doing. I'm not from New Zealand, I'm not from Canada, and I'm not on anti-depressants, so what the hell am I doing having a blog.


  1. And what does Canada have to do with it, asks the Canuck? Just keep blogging to your appreciative audience.

  2. Yeah, two of my faves have shut down in the last few weeks, don't you do it too...I'll get paranoid that it's the Kurse of Krusty. Look, we comment, ergo we read (my Latin ain't that good).

  3. I think, in a very real sense, we are all from Canada. And New Zealand.

  4. It's because you care about the world, Tom. In our own little ways, we all care about it. Not always in the right way but we do care.

  5. It's because you have a blog, Tom that you have resisted the urge to emigrate and the lure of pills. Carry on.

  6. Carry on! It's very therapeutic for you and for us, and we feel each other's pain!

    Even if you're not from Canada or New Zealand, at least you can guarantee that after a year of blogging you will be on anti-depressants.

  7. As Descartes said:

    I blog, therefore I am.

    As Mark said:

    If you like doing it, who gives a shit? If you don't, stop.

    (Descartes, as ever, more elegant)

  8. Tom, the last 'cool' thing you did was to buy a Gerry and the Pacemakers LP.
    Look at the trouble that got you in. Stop worrying about your image and understand that your works will be on the curriculum of every place of higher education within 60 years. Who are you to deny these people their heritage?
    I find that sex and football provoke more response than depression, which is ironic, as I always get depressed when I attempt either.

  9. Tom, none of my friends or family know about my blog either, and Im not going to tell them. Its my escape from everything, although pratically everything I blog about my friends and family are aware of. Its like a diary but people you kinda get to know comment about your thoughts and feelings. Dont stop though its such a great escape!

  10. As a non-New Zealander, non-Australian, non-anti-depressives swallower, I can only tell you that for me, blogging is like scratching an itch. Gets you nowhere but it feels good. Don't stop, Tom!

  11. Makeing a fool of yourself?

  12. um, so the rest of us can figure out how to install posts?

    come on Tom, keep on blogging. I like to hear about humans, horses, and the naughty people in the west country.

    we like you, don't stop, or this insane Canuck will go to the west coast, gather up MJ, and come over there and kick your arse.

    carry on.

  13. oh, and look, you can't stop now! You've finally figured out how to put links on your sidebar!!

    where's my link?

    (just kidding, I hope I'm not scaring you)

  14. Tom - the blogging world would be a far lonelier place without you.

    I think you're lovely xxx

    and one day you might post a picture of jodhpurs, leather boots and a whip. Ever the optimist!

  15. Whoah up everyone, I wasn't signing off. I love all my new cyber-friends far too much for that. I was trying to be highly amusing by pointing out that I was the only normal person on here. How wrong can a man be!

    mj and kyahgirl - I love canucks, honest I do.

    Krusty - So far I am spared the kurse of the Krustacean.

    Vicus - deep but so very very true as ever.

    Sharon - you're just too soft.

    Richard - I think you may be right - the secret of a successful and happy life could indeed be writing insignificant rubbish destined for total obscurity.

    Betty, please, with your huge breasts you of all people, please tell me you are strong in spirit and unbowed by the merciless onslaught that is our human existence.

    Mark - I have to tell you this - my missus was reading my blog and she said, 'whose that Mark bloke, he's always funny'. I think it might be because she went to university.

    moo - hello and thanks for visiting.

    Carmentza - spelling your name right without looking always gives me a buzz.

    Ruth - you spin me out - but I enjoyed your blog. I would add my thoughts but I don't feel qualified to comment.

    Cherry - love you too.

  16. Tom - tell your missus thank you from me. I will probably become hideously dull and lacking in humour now, being a self-conscious sort...

  17. Tom - oh and thank you for the link. At least I THINK I mean thank you.


    I'll have you know there's a website out there somewhere that describes me as a 'British conservative writer'. It's an American website, obviously, or they'd have read past the first three lines...

  18. Mark, before you start feeling flattered by being the object of Mrs Tom's desire, bear in mind who she married. c

  19. Wait, you're not on antidepressants?

    Well, that's depressing. ::goes off in search of someone more medicated than I am::;

    Hmm. This won't be easy.

  20. Vicus - saying thank you is NOT flirting. It's polite. Besides, I'm genetically incapable of flirting with people who understand horses. I can never find the brakes.

    Ebaylzi. A certain type of woman whose social interactions are entirely dictated by the buying and selling of tat online. Also frequents car boot sales.

  21. Hmmm. I think I'll bone up on horses so he can flirt shamelessly with me.

  22. Holy guacamole, the comments are almost as good as the post. As for me, being Canadian and on antidepressants *is* normal (and I've had a hankering to emigrate to NZ for years) so I guess it's all to do with perspective. :)

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  24. Andrea, I put a lot into writing that post so go steady with it. But welcome anyway - beats Canada doesn't it.

  25. Anonymous28/5/06 14:14

    I am your 26th(!!!!!!!!!!) commenter and you wonder what you are doing(!!)