Sunday, October 09, 2005

Title change

After much thought I have decided to ditch my first title 'diary of a nobody'. Thoroughly enjoyed the book mind you, but someone else is already using this name. Truth be told, I'm not sure I am worthy of the label 'nobody'. I am slowly working towards it, but blessed with my talents the final push will be a huge act of surrender. The moments of 'nobodyness' that I have acheived in my life so far have been truly joyful. For now I will continue to wrestle against the illusory rewards of fame and fortune.
Sorry guys, it's sunday morning - it brings out the worst in me.


  1. I think that cursory investigation will reveal the existence of other websites also called "Strange but True". Very hard to find something truly original as a journal title. Perhaps you could make your journal the recording of a constant search for a totally original title.
    In any case, I don't see strange and true to be states of existence that are in any way incompatible. Discuss.

  2. Vicus, your comments are neither strange or true, but as ever your endless wisdom leaves me speechless - not quite though!
    Leaving aside your spurious suggestion about the possible reason for my journal, let me give some thought to your rather more interesting point concerning the words 'strange' and 'true'.
    My original idea was really concerning events in the material world. However, now that you have taken things onto another level, for the sake of discussion I will put forward one or two points that you may find of interest. Firstly, as a person who has experienced the truth, I am sure you will agree with me that it is anything but strange!
    And secondly, I'm not sure strange but true can really happen on the level of 'states of existence'. Can a strange state of existence be a true one?
    See, what inspired my title (which by the way, I will change shortly) was me finding myself doing something extremely strange and getting a photgraph of it (it will be appearing shortly).
    But you, Vicus the pedant, you just couldn't keep things that simple, could you!

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