Friday, October 14, 2005

Sticking with my 3rd title for a while longer!

I'll run with this title for a day or two more.
I'm a bit busy at the moment with various projects and I haven't been able to give much thought to the way I would like this journal to develop. I am half thinking of making it a bit serious - you know, dealing with things I care about, like the environment and so on. I have also considered taking it in the direction of something else that I am passionately interested in - freedom of consciousness. I think about this a lot. The work that I do and the people that I meet really make me aware of the value of freedom when it comes to learning the important stuff about this life.
That probably sounds a bit corny but I am kind of coming to the conclusion that I can't go on writing this stuff having one eye on my image all of the time. Because this is a new venture for me I have been a bit distracted by wanting to make it really right. But bollocks to it - I have to write this journal in the same way that I lead my life. I've just going to go for it.

Yesterday I was working with a lady and her horse and she told me how she brought her kids up with very strict rules. They also went to a very strict junior school. Eventually they went to secondary school where things were a little more lax, and lo and behold, everything fell apart. Strangely enough it is the same with horses. If you hold your horse together in a very hands on way, and don't give him the responsibility to take care of his life, then when you give him his freedom his behaviour will also fall apart.

So let your kids fly, let them have the responsibility for their lives and they will learn how to look after themselves. If you truly want to understand how anarchy can work (and I don't think it can, but that's a discussion for another day) then the first rule surely is that each individual has to be responsible for their own lives. Timothy Leary said some good things - one of his best quotes was something along the lines that we should not mess with other people's conciousness. I get a bit cross when I see people meddling in other peoples lives - who do they think they are anyway, telling other human beings what is right and wrong. Whoops - have I just done that myself too. It's just all too easy isn't it!

Forgive my occasional rants. I have a long history in my family of priests, nuns and vicars. In real life I'm mostly quite a humble guy.


  1. Bugger me, Tom, your first spam.
    Get those comment verification wossnames turned on.
    Or is that interfering with other people's consciousness?

  2. Yep, finally worked out how to get rid of that spam. Gone forever never to return!

  3. I don't know, write a really serious article about the importance of freedom of conciousness and get a load of spam and some old geezer coming on to tell me about it. I might as well be pissing into the wind!