Monday, May 03, 2010

I know it doesn't matter!

I know it doesn't matter but I hope the Tories don't get into power. And I hope Man Utd don't win the Premier league either. I have this deep hatred of both of those outfits. I know it's not good to hate. I never liked the tories and Thatcher confirmed everything I ever thought about them - they don't give a shit. Remember people sleeping on the streets - that was Thatcher - she didn't give a shit!

And why do I hate Man Utd - well, I'm a Liverpool supporter and always have been. I'm so glad Chelsea stuffed us yesterday. YEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSS. Now as long as Wigan don't do anything silly, that will be a result! And then Nick Clegg gets enough seats to stop Cameron, and then I get on my horse and have the perfect ride, and then, and then, and then.......


  1. I wish I could be bothered about which rich club wins the Premier League - my Sky subscription would be better value for money.

    Cameron says the momentum is with the Tories. Won't he look silly if it's not!

  2. Geoff, he will look silly either way, and it is unfair of you to pick on his looks. He can't help looking like a slimy, stupid, patronising, oily, twatty, fucking bastard.

  3. What a rant! Why don't you support Barça instead? I hope you don't hate them too.

    So you're voting on the 6th, guys? Then good luck with the results, they will last at least the next 4 years.

    PS.-Mrs Clegg was today in the news over here. She looks quite nice. (She's from Sandwich, I've heard.)

  4. Oh Tom! And to think I was willing Liverpool to win JUST FOR YOU! :)

    As for the election - you can't vote Tory if you've read the education manifesto - it is worse than crap it's ebola - you can't vote Tory if you've read what they intend to do to the NHS AGAIN!

    But unfortunately the other two don't appear to be that much better.

    It's a bugger isn't it? But Vince Cable does make sense - sorta.

  5. Geoff - omg, I just wish I didn't know the tories are going to win! The British people are like a person signing their own death warrent and not realising it.

    Vicus - why so generous!

    Leni - I do support Barca, cos of you! Yes, we vote tomorrow, and sadly we are going to have to endure at least four years os unchecked greed.

    Ziggi - Yep, I like Vince too! I like Clegg but I reckon Vince would have won it hands down.
    If Wigan win this weekend I'll be mortified. Four years of Tories and a year of Man Utd as champions - Noooooooooo!

  6. Thanks, Tom. That's very sweet. You don't know how hard it is to be a B-supporter in Madrid.
    Almost like being a Liverpool supporter in Manchester!

    Cross my fingers and toes for the outcome of the elections, but it seeems you'll have a hung Parliament. It's not so bad... we're used to have it overseas.