Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Words that caused my downfall

'I used to search for happiness
And I used to follow pleasure
But I found a door behind my mind
And that's the greatest treasure'

Incredible String Band - 1966

What hope a poor stoned hippie, I ask myself!

I can't speak highly enough of The Incredible String Band. They were perfect for the time, and now 40 years later it's just as good. Try 'First Girl I Loved'. It's enough to make a grown man cry.


  1. You may have observed, when you walk into a wall, you get a certain sensation of reality.

  2. I just get bad covers in youtube, Tom.
    Do you have a good link? (I prefer an original version to some unknown weirdo singing from his living room, recorded on a mobile phone).

    Thanks, if not for you I'd still be listening to The Spice Girls. :))) (*big laugh*)

  3. Leni, can you download Spotify. It's a really good site where you can listen to pretty much everything (except the Beatles). If not, let me know and I'll get some String Band to you some how. It might not be your cup of tea.

    mmmmmm the Spice Girls - I never could work out which one I liked the most, and I know you are joking btw.

  4. Vicus, have you become a zen master, or am I being a bit thick - what the hell has Julie Felix got to do with anything, and why has it come up in blue type?

  5. Tom, I can downloand Spotify but i need an invite to register (it seems to be a club reserved to a selected few).

    Btw 1.- Why not The Beatles? (Thank god i have 110 songs if The Beatles in my iPod)

    Btw 2.- The first time The Spice girls came to Madrid, they gave a concert in a big Dept. Store. I used to work on top of that building and had no chance but to stay there until they stopped singing and the million fans left.

    Btw 3.- Julie Felix? WOW. I'm learning a lot today.

  6. Tom. It's a link. A bit high-tech for you big brother watchers, I know.

  7. Leni, what is this strange country in which you live? No Spotify, and a million people turn up to watch the Spice girls.
    Anyway, I've sent you the track - hope you get it.

    Vicus, Thanks

  8. Tom, you know what it is like in the South Sandwich Islands. Even Elvis Costello knows that. Accidents will happen. Maybe i have to try again.

    And please, grown man, don't cry.

    Bye! (I'm late fer work!)