Thursday, April 09, 2009

Frank, I love you.

Inspired by Leni I just had to put this up. It's long but stick with it - it's a blast!


  1. OMG, thanks Tom! I never thought I could ever inspire a post, lol. I feel very honoured.

    What a shame it's too late join the Zapateer's Club now! (But I keep youtubing him)

    (*blushes blushes blushes*)

  2. Exactly WHEN did I become MJ the filthy tart?! You cheeky bitch.

    Anyway, I'm a Zappa fan so thanks for this.

  3. p.s. I liked it better when the comments were set up so we could see each others avatars.

    Hint hint.

  4. It is very nice. When is he making another record?

  5. *waves*

    am flying in as directed by mj .. but am moving on to check out your horses.

    Hope you are having a jolly day in the sunshine.