Sunday, February 18, 2007

Do you like good music yeah yeah

Dear Friends in Blogland,
Just had to tell you about this radio station. It is really good.
Play it loud - non stop rock music without ads. Obviously you get the odd duff tracks but sometimes you'll get five or six real good ones in a row. Loads of Beatles, Hendrix, and so on. Right now I'm listening to the Beach Boys and the drugs are really kicking in!
Love it.
See ya

Quiz question for Betty without using fucking google ok. Who sang the song in my post title?

PS Love you Pammy

PPS Now it's Canned Heat, On the Road Again - effing brilliant, high as an effing kite.

PPPS Love you Oirish merican


  1. Arthur Conley - Sweet Soul Music.

    My smugness is unbearable.

  2. Deservedly so Betty.

  3. awww. I love you too Tommy. I was so happy to see that you'd posted again. Funny how you can miss someone from so far away.

    I love love love rock and roll. It's the best.

    Big hugs hon.

  4. More posts while you're under the influence, please.

  5. Tom, we have all warned you about Rock and Roll. It'll be drugs next.

  6. I see you're back! I knew you could'nt stay away for long. And so glad for it.

  7. All you need is love...

  8. Anonymous22/2/07 20:51

    *does a happy dance*

    yay! you're back!

  9. i would have said sam and dave (although i knew it was sweet soul music).

    i bow to betty's superior intellect.

  10. Have been SO fucking busy. Away from Blogland, letting all my friends down etc.

    Have been SO happy to see that Tom is back at it. Despite his best intentions.

    Some things are writ in the annals, whether we like it or not. Go wiv da Zeitgeist, Tom. You know ya wanna...

  11. Dropping in to give you a big mississippi HOWDY!!