Thursday, August 17, 2006

Second Life Update

Well, I've been here for about two weeks now and I am getting on fine. I live in the woods by a campfire with a friend of mine called Wolf. Wolf has the ability to appear in three forms - as a human, as a human shape but with wolf features, and as an actual wolf. Quite often when we are by the fire talking he sits around as a wolf - it's quite cool really.
I have two other friends (yes, I am about as popular there as I am here) called Sandi and Lochinvar. Sandi is an American girl and Loch is a Canadian bloke. They are both really nice and we have not too serious chats about how they are planning to make loads of L$s and set up houses and so on with their various ideas. I'm not going to bother with making money - I'm going to hang out for a rich woman and take it from there. I told Sandi and Loch that and they thought I was going to set up as a gigolo - imagine me doing that!
Actually, when I went in to SL I decided that I would allow myself to behave as badly as I wanted to, to make up for being such a goody in FL. But what I have found is that I am pretty much unable to be anyone other than myself, so here I am being all polite all over the place again, but in a slightly different environment. The thing that I am really enjoying the most is being able to not have any responsibilities - it's like being me before I had to house and feed my kids. I am free and I'm planning to stay that way. I don't think you can get women pregnant here so I should be ok on that one - don't get me wrong, I love my kids, but boy have I had to scrat around making a few bucks to keep them fed. Sleeping under the stars again is just great - I love it.


  1. It sounds great! No responsibilities and a nice, appreciative older woman to support you...And your friend the wolfman sounds really cool.

  2. Tommy dearest...which acid trip is this???

    and I need your email addy again so I can send you the link to the book.

  3. Carmy, the older woman is a joke yeh. Most of them are parading round as hot 20 year olds.
    Pammy, I would ask you to meet me there but I'm beginning to wonder if it's not quite the right place for us. You're too nice for it.

  4. You were a goody in FL?

    When did you live in Florida? Does Carmen know?

    Fxutdzog. A Second Life expletive. Useful when you can't get a fire going in the woods.

  5. Anonymous19/8/06 06:53

    Just walk towards the light Tom

  6. Actually I tried it. But the damn computer kept crashing.

    I don;t have sufficient RAM. In so many ways...

  7. so you have found that whatever environment you are in, you can only be yourself and true to yourself - is there anything alse to learn?

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