Friday, April 28, 2006

Digging a hole on Dartmoor

Yes folks, make of that title what you will.
Some tosser broke one of my gateposts and at last I've got around to making a start on replacing it. Some of you may know that ideally one third of the gate post should be underground, so I'm looking to dig down about 2'9". I've got to about 2' and sod me, I've hit a huge lump of granite that seems to be connected to the earth's core. So now I have to initiate Plan B, which is use concrete to set the post in. I hate doing this for three reasons, I have to go into town to get the sand, chippings and cement, it costs money, and it is environmentally not the best thing to do.
I know on the great scale of things whether I go get and use a small bag of cement or not is neither here nor there, but my efforts to minimise my carbon footprint have become a habit with me now. It feels good that I am concious of my actions in this way.
Go for it everyone, especially you yanks - the planet is a beautiful place and we should look after it for our grandchildren's children.


  1. On the other hand, the concrete might minimise the radon gas coming up from the granite which you released by exposing it to the air...

    Of course I don't have the faintest idea what I'm talking about. Just thought I'd get in first on the comments. Wish I lived on Dartmoor.

  2. An alternative, although I have not considered the environmental merits too closely, would be a political solution. You can refuse to desecrate the landscape - remove the gates, and let your animals roam freely. Or, if the gate is that to your house, then letting Mrs Tom roam freely. You can publicise this political stance by wearing a teeshirt with the motto "Property is theft. These creatures are not my property. Let us recognise our roles as custodians of the planet and not delude ourselves into thinking that we are the owners".
    I can provide you with one of these teeshirts for £65 + VAT.

  3. Mark, another sleepless night worrying about radon, thanks mate!
    Vicus, I think I might go for two of the T shirts - any discount there? Can you please send them down by 4x4. In the immortal words of JC, 'I'm here to have fun, not worry about the planet'.

  4. forget about the post, just put one of those electrical thingies in and zap any bugger who has the nerve to leave.

    my work here is done

    *saunters out whistling*

  5. Im taking a trip onto Dartmoor tomorrow, hopefully if the weather is good! Cool blog by the way.

  6. When you have size 10 feet like mine, it's even more important to not leave carbon footprints all over the show.

    Don't listen to Mark. I've wrong granite jewellery without being radonized!

  7. S**t! That should have been "worn". Of course, I've also wronged a few pieces of jewellery but that wasn't the point.

  8. That nice lady Betty gave you such helpful advice about Links over 6 weeks ago and you still haven't gotten around to acting upon it.

    Just because Messrs Scurra and Gamon pretend to lark about all day with nothing better to do than inflict banality on unsuspecting ( and a few deserving) individuals, doesn't mean the rest of us should do it. Surely those lambs are halfway to Tesco by now. Get on with it, man.

    Meanwhile, could you perhaps just install a smaller gatepost?

    PS. Thankyou for the "trip" warning although it came a little too late. I was already starting to see Mark Gamon ( do you think that's his real name or does he think he's some sort of latter-day agoraphobic play-boy who hangs about with Samantha Janus?) as remarkably attractive. I knew installing that 12-person hot tub wa an invitation for trouble.

  9. Cherrypie.
    Mr Gamon and I do NOT pretend to lark about all day with nothing better to do. We are professional larkers. We do not have anything better to do. And if any deluded sod tells you that there IS anything better to do, then they have obviously not tried it.
    Can't stay, I have just discovered a couple of bloggers just outside Quito upon whom I have not yet inflicted banality.

    fxkdle - a type of banality so trite that it repeats itself. I really do have to go - these comments won't post themselves. Oh no.

  10. Samantha Janus? Who'dat?

    Epupu. The kind of rubbish written by latter day agoraphobic playboys with nothing better to do...

  11. KG. Think again. I will not use electric produced using nuclear power
    Mark, I think Samantha Janus is that blond girl off the telly that pretty much everybody gets over-excited about.
    CP. I am going to visit my good friend Mr. Scurra shortly and I will get my links up and running. Mind you I will be instigating strict quality controls, which of course will be avoidable through favour and finance.
    S. A lot of the locals round here have granite rings allowing them to deal with the rather coarse west-country diet.

  12. I thought that was Billie Piper. I'm confused now.

    Ruffolk. An East Anglian county that's already slipped into the sea. The webbed feet came in handy, though.

  13. Billie Piper definitely falls into that category. I don't know, I write a serious post about the environment and end up discussing blondes off the telly!


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